Tools - Spindle Adapter for Wood Lathe

  • $ 51.05 USD


-  Reduces a 1" x 8tpi wood lathe spindle to a 3/8" x 27tpi spindle.

Eliminates the need for end trimming or finishing after a turning is removed from the lathe.  Our spindle adapter allows for turning between spindles and with the tail spindle removed so nicer turnings are completed/finished on the lathe.  

Turnings can be removed from the lathe and reinstalled on center - allows for interrupted turnings to free up a lathe for other turnings or for turnings that require process sequencing on and off the lathe.

Mounts wood turnings to the lathe with a metal-metal screw type attachment to withstand higher torque during turning and avoid the slippage common with metal-wood mountings. 

No setup or centering for the wood blanks is required, our wood blanks already have the sleeves installed, simply screw one on and it's ready to turn.

The 3/8 x 27tpi spindle is a hollow spindle and allows longitudinal bore through up to 3/16" diameters for fitting specialty hardware or joining different woods.

It's Renewable; if the 3/8" x 27tpi spindle should get damaged or worn it can be replaced easily with our replacement parts kit.