Sculpture 1

Sculpture in work 5-27-18


Hull & Water:  Bubinga, deep crimson color when finished

Sails:  Spalted, Curly Big Leaf Maple - pale white with black/grey lines & rippled grains - 

Mast & Boom:  Vera wood (a.k.a. lignum vitae) - brown & gold when finished 

Size as pictured today:  34" tall x 22" wide




Progress update 6-29-18  Lot's of progress on the sculpture since the initial posting - still a lot of finishing detail to do but it's finally at the point where small things now make a big difference.  Here's what's been done: 

  1. Hull carving completed with wave and hull reflection (lower portion of the base)  
  2. Mast and boom shaped, attachments to main sail installed
  3. Genoa sail shaped and sanded, ready for finish
  4. Support feet made and installed
  5. Initial finish coats done on hull, mast & boom and support feet to help locate flaws.  Lot's of polishing, trim and finish work still to go.

The entire sculpture can be disassembled in about 5 minutes - thought this would be important to minimize risk of damage in shipment.  The final height to top of mast (on support feet) is 32" and it weighs approx 20 lbs..  It's very stable on it's feet and the feet can be rotated (left - right, independently) for a different effect and for easier display in compact areas.

It will probably be named "All IN".  This will be engraved on a small brass label which will be mounted center hull on the reflection portion of the base (below the wave).    

    I didn't explain the back story for this sculpture previously and should have.  Basically, it's a call to blue water but more specifically, it's about the exhilaration of clearing the harbor into open water - a freshening breeze - the power in the sails - the moment of lift-off on a fantastic journey that you're "all in" for and can't wait to get there.

    These photos don't do justice to the sculpture, even it's it present state.  Not sure I'll be able to capture that exhilaration in photos once it's finished but I sure hope it evokes this in person - we'll know soon enough. 



    9-5-18 Update - Finito....  Here are preliminary photos