Typical Woods

About The Woods:  Most woods will darken with age to a deeper, richer patina.  Within a given wood type, the colors, grain patterns and figuring are rarely the same.  It's these variations that result in the unique character, warmth and vibrancy of each piece.

Typical Domestic Woods

Ambrosia Maple     Curly Maple     Big Leaf Maple      Hard Maple          Cherry
  Black Walnut     Claro Walnut       Butternut      Honey Locust          Poplar


Typical Exotic Woods (non-domestic)
     Cocobolo       Macassar Ebony   Gaboon Ebony        Bubinga               Bocote
         Teak                  Zebrawood       Purpleheart         Mahogany         Bloodwood  

                          Picinae Studios Selects Its Wood And Suppliers Responsibly.