Custom Sugar Bowl 01096 for Sherwood, Pattern 4A in Curly Maple

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This listing is for a custom sugar bowl (#01096) in pattern 4A for Sherwood, handmade to order in curly maple, sized and finished as described below. Shipping to be by USPS Ground Advantage or similar to a destination within the continental US.  Our sugar bowls are unique, artistic turnings with individual character, each is numbered and signed.  Each sugar bowl has unique characteristics and the wood colors, grains and figuring varies with each bowl; no two sugar bowls are exactly the same.   Thank you Sherwood for this order.

Sugar Bowl 4A is a traditional, pot belly shape with a removable lid; this sugar bowl measures approximately 4" tall x 5.5" diameter.  The inside bowl measures approximately 1.5" deep x 4.3" wide and it holds approximately 1 cup liquid measure.  It has a food-safe finish and is polished to a matte patina.