Custom Display for Large Fossils

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This is a custom display hand made for a pair of large fossils.  The display consists of a live-edge, figured crotch-section of black walnut which forms the base, an acrylic cradle and a pair of removable brass rods.  The walnut base is finished with a hand-rubbed tung oil finish to highlight the grains and colors of the wood; the acrylic cradle is polished for glass-like optics; the brass rods pivot and are removable.  The display has an irregular shaped footprint which measures approximately 12" wide x 10" deep x 5" tall to the top surface of the acrylic cradle.  The display was designed to position the fossils in complimentary positions to each other while providing the best viewing angles for the key elements; it provides a unique viewing perspective from all angles.  Thank you Andy.