Custom Order For Jerald, Lamp Plinth Assembly

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This is a custom listing for Jerald, handmade lamp plinth assembly including the following items:
  • Lamp plinth made from poplar wood and measuring 5 1/2" tall x 5" diameter at top x 5 1/8" diameter at base with the following:
    • Sanded smooth and ready for painted finish.
    • Center bored through for assembly to lamp. 
    • Base hollowed for installation over a rosette.
    • Base drilled for 3 point mounting by 5/16" diameter doweling and 6-32 setscrews.
    • Wood around doweling and setscrew holes treated for hardening.
  • Mounting template/drill guide for location of dowel holes on mounting surface.
  • 4 ea 6-32 x 3/4 black oxide set screws w/wrench
  • 4 ea 5/16 x 2 doweling made from maple. 

Following delivery, the customer finished the plinth with a special art-work applique,  gold leafing and burnished the finished.  It was then installed atop the staircase newel post with an antique Mercury lamp and wired for lighting - beautiful, simply beautiful.