Processional Banner Poles

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Our processional banner poles are handmade from solid hardwoods and as the name suggests, it is intended to be carried and/or held stationary in the base with a banner on the crossmember.  The shafts are 1 1/4" diameter and the pole is removable from the base.  The finials screw on/off the pole ends by concealed brass fittings for easy banner changes and the crossmember attaches to the vertical shaft by brass hook and eye hardware.  The vertical shaft is assembled by a brass splice which screws together for easy assembly or dis-assembly; the base is weighted to approximately 15 lbs for excellent stability.  The overall height is approximately 90" tall with a 42" wide crossmember and a 12 1/4" diameter base.  Our banner poles are available domestically in different hardwoods and have a hand-rubbed polyurethane finish.  Please contact us for additional details or to request a quote.