Options For Floor Lamps

Many customizing options are available for floor lamps, please select your preferences below:

WOODS:  Choice of premium domestic hardwoods for main lamp sections, select exotic hardwoods for detail sections.  View examples of the typical woods here.

HARDWARE:  Bright brass standard, nickel available. 

FINISHES:  Natural, hand-rubbed oil matte standard; Natural hand-rubbed tung oil available; Painted finishes are available in a variety of colors.

ILLUMINATION:  Lamps are wired for standard US current, a single bulb 3-way roll-type switch is standard (30-70-100 watt, A19 bulbs).  A two bulb socket with independent pull-chain switches is available.

SHADES, HARPS & FINIALS:  Floor lamp pricing includes the lamp shade, harp and finial (standard)

  • STANDARD:  Shades with regular spider-type fitters along with regular lamp harps and finials.  Finials are selected from our collection which may be viewed here.
  • Uno type shades may be available with a single bulb, roll-type switch; no finial or harp are provided with uno type shades.
  • Two-bulb sockets use shades with regular spider-type fitters and a finial.  These mount atop a center column in lieu of a regular harp. 
  • Floor lamps may be ordered without the shade.