Specialty Wooden Bowl in Spalted Ambrosia Maple

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Our specialty bowls are artistic, one-of-a-kind turnings, made from unique domestic and exotic hardwoods with exceptional figuring and color.  The shapes and sizes vary widely, ranging from symmetrical turnings through asymmetrical carved turnings and abstracts.  They are highly polished with hand-rubbed finishes,  numbered and signed. 

Highlights For This Bowl:

  • Size:         4.5" tall x 9" diameter
  • Wood:       Spalted Ambrosia Maple
  • Finish:       Tung Oil - Matte

Special Characteristics:  This sculpted turning is from a large, single block of spalted ambrosia maple.  It has strong ambrosia markings and spalting with a vibrant reddish brown coloring; it's polished with a hand-rubbed tung oil finish.  It has a raised base and hand carved helical rim with a boxed bead.  These special bowls may be purchased from the listings when available.  Please contact us to inquire about having a specialty bowl made.