Platter 3

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Our platters are handmade to order, general information about this design is listed below.  Pricing and delivery times are quoted based upon the selected woods.  To request a quote please forward an email with your preferred style and choice of woods (viewed here).  Each platter is a unique, artistic turning with individual character, numbered and signed.  Each has small size variations typical of handmade works and the wood colors, grains and figuring varies with each bowl; no two are exactly the same.  

For reference, this platter is # 01037 in black walnut with a tung oil finish and sized approximately 1.9" high x 12.25" diameter.

*** We make a limited number of platters for stock; those available for immediate delivery may be viewed here.  

General information about this platter design:

  • Style:  Platter 3, contemporary shallow, crisp wedge profile on raised base
  • Typical Delivery Time (when made to order):  2 - 4 Weeks ARO (depending upon selected woods)
  • Typical Size (outside):  10" - 14" Diameter x 2" - 2.5" Tall